HOH (heart_over_head) wrote in thequestionclub,

Help me decide: Go to Berkeley or the University of Washington?

I just got accepted to UC Berkeley as a transfer student (junior level). I had had my heart set on it until I realized how much money I would need to pay. My parents will pay for my undergrad if I go to UW since it's an in-state university (and I will have to live at home), but I will need to take out loans and pay for it if I go to UCB. I will only go to UCB for my last 2 years (so at least I won't have to pay for all 4 years). I have never lived out of state, and it might help me grow if I live on my own. But Berkeley is at least 47k/year in all (with housing/etc.).

Tell me what to do! I'm so torn. I am majoring in math, and Berkeley's math is ranked #2 (tied with MIT and Stanford), but it might be only because of its graduate program.
I have always planned on joining the Peace Corps after getting my undergrad, but I might become an actuary for a couple of years to pay off the loans if I end up going to UCB. Then I'll go to graduate school to become a math professor after I pay off my loans from working as an actuary (because I hear you make bank from working as an actuary). What do you think of my plan?

So do you guys think I should go to UW or UCB? And why?! Please help me decide! Thanks a lot!

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