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Inspired by an earlier question.

1. Why do some people think they have to spend an exorbitant amount of money and do dramatic and bizarre things when they propose to someone? Do they think it won't be as memorable or as special if they are doing something normal and something they know they enjoy?

2. Would you think it was as special, as romantic and as real if your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner proposed to you in a non- dramatic way and in a normal and ordinary setting?

3. Do you think it's romantic if your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or spouse spends a lot of money on you?

4. If you discovered that your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or spouse would think it's romantic if you spent a lot of money on him/her, would it make you uncomfortable? Would it encourage you to spend more money on him/her, or would it encourage you to spend less? Would it make you contemplate leaving the relationship?
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