The Resident KumoKiri Fangirl (kazoku) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Resident KumoKiri Fangirl

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I have a 56K connection. Why, then, when I try to upload files to servers, do the files only transfer at 2,200 bps? If I'm connected at 49,333 bps, shouldn't my files be transferring at SOMEWHERE around that rate?

I've tried this with several different servers, so I can only think that my connection's at fault here. Do I have grounds to complain, or is my piece of crap host (AOL. Yes. Fuck me.) going to beat me into the ground with technicalities?

I have a domain but I can't even upload anything above 1 MB because of this AND the fact that AOL drops the connection every frigging ten minutes. I can't take it anymore!!!
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