Grace (fine4today) wrote in thequestionclub,

Please help me help someone make the right decision:

He is 30 and he has social anxiety issues which he is being treated for, but anyway, he's never really had a lot of friends and no girlfriend that I know of. Then, he started an entry-level job last year and made friends with a bunch of people around his age and he has pretty much told me he's never been happier.

The problem is that he was offered an interview next week for a job that pays substantially more (I think 25K more) but it would mean he would have to move back here and be closer to family. This job is virtually a sure thing. There are also rumours of a couple of similar positions becoming available in the city he currently lives in within the next quarter so I think that means in 3 months time. If he waited for one those jobs that would mean he could stay closer to his friends.

Should he go for the pay raise and leave his new life or should he stick around in the hopes of getting a promotion where he lives now?

My first instinct was to tell him to go for it, but now I'm not so sure.

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