goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Why is every two weeks called bi-weekly and twice a month is called bi-monthly?

2. If you wore two shirts, layered, would you still wear the outer layer one one more time before washing, feeling like a clean shirt? Or would you still think of it as dirty?

3. Have you ever been with a guy with a crooked penis? Did you care?

4. How do you prevent yourself from name-calling duing a frustrating argument where all you want to do is yell obscenities? ;)

5a. A man has been at his job for 30 years. One day, his boss (whom has hardly ever said ten words to him in the last 30 years) asks him to pick up lunch for him. He's a little taken aback but does it to be nice. The next day, he asks him again. Would you have more respect for the guy if he (a) stands up for himself and tells him that he will do it this one time but it will be the last time because running errands is not in his job description; or (b) shows work ethic by doing tasks that are outside of his job description?

5b. Which are you more likely to do?

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