Rachel (zim04) wrote in thequestionclub,

About a month ago I got a new computer and installed Microsoft Office 2003 that I had bought from my school. It was working fine, I hadn't installed all the CDs or anything, but just the ones I needed to make all of the programs work, or so I thought. I tried to open powerpoint to make a presentation and it asked for my product key. I put the one in from the back of the cd case (and the only one I have for all 4 discs) and it told me that it was wrong. I bypassed the problem by opening an attachment because after that it lets you into the program. Anyway, I wasn't too stressed because it was just powerpoint and I figured that my dad and I could take care of it over Thanksgiving. Today though, Word (the program I use most) decided to say that it needed the Product Key as well when I was trying to open an attachment. I eventually got around it and into Word, but I'm sure next time I try to open it, it will ask again and say that the ony I have is wrong.

Is there anything I can do besides uninstalling everything and reinstalling it? I definitely paid for this software, so it's not like I'm trying to get around things, so I'm just really frustrated.

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