Kacie (klynette) wrote in thequestionclub,

Which five choices are the most important to you?

1. A satisfying and fulfilling marriage
2. Freedom to do what you want
3. A chance to direct the destinies of a nation
4. The love and admiration of friends
5. Travel and tickets to any cultural or athletic events as often as you wish
6. Complete self confidence with a positive outlook on life
7. A happy family relationship
8. Recognition as the most attractive person in the world
9. A long life free of illness
10. A complete library for your private use
11. A satisfying religious faith
12. A month's vacation with nothing to do but enjoy yourself
13. Lifetime financial security
14. A lovely home in a beautiful setting
15. A world without prejudice
16. A chance to eliminate sickness and poverty
17. International fame and popularity
18. An understanding of the meaning of life
19. A world without graft, lying or cheating
20. Freedom within your work setting
21. A really good love relationship
22. Success in your chosen profession or vocation

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