redfishies (redfishies) wrote in thequestionclub,

tech help

I've had an external hard drive for a year or so now. My sons are always messing with my computer and I always end up having to reformat so I put all my important things onto the external harddrive. Important things being mp3s and zillions of photos from my digital camara. Well today I heard this weird noise coming from the computer and I thought it was a fan messing up so I turned off the computer but I still heard the noise and noticed it was coming from the external harddrive. When I went to click on the icon to get into my files, the icon wasn't even there anymore! So I unplugged it for awhile but when I reconnected it, it still wasn't registering. I went into the device manager and it shows that there is a problem but it won't fix it. I uninstalled and deleted it and then after restarting, my computer still did not recognize it.
I'm spazzing out because I cannot access all the photos of my family!

It's a Western Digital external drive just for storage. It has no operating system on it at all. I didn't have to install it, just plugged it into the USB port on my computer and plugged the power cord into an outlet. It has a 80 Gig capacity.

Do you think it's a lost cause?

Anyone know what I can do to get my files?
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