golly gee whizzer (togey) wrote in thequestionclub,
golly gee whizzer

spoiler alert

(I don't think this has been posted, but if it has, tell me and I'll delete it)

What did you think of this new Harry Potter movie?

So disappointing. Throughout the movie I kept exclaiming, "What?!" due to two main reasons:
1. What are these scenes? There were so many parts where I seriously felt embarrassed for the actors/actresses. Some of the what-inducing scenes include: the prefect's bathtub (my first sexual experience was with a ghost!), the post-yule-ball tears, "...cedric's friend's boyfriend's brother's ex-girlfriend said Ron said...", and lots of cliche teenage stuff that teenagers don't usually do, or at least not to that degree.
2. Perhaps its because of my Americanized Chinese ears who are not used to British accents, but combine that with low voices and a theater full of kids equals me not hearing much.

I doubt someone who hasn't read the book would understand the movie. And what was with the swift, bumpy scene transitions? :/ I was saddened.
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