fiery angel (fiery_angel) wrote in thequestionclub,
fiery angel

Sex Question

Okay, I was TRYING To check archives but apparantly our T-1 is running a bit if this has been asked recently just drag me out into the street and have me drawn and quartered...

so, since I'm all sorts of DATING again the question has arisen of How long do you think people normally wait to have sex when dating???

do people really even DATE anymore??? or is it more like go out a couple times, have sex, assume you're in a relationship...

thoughts???? anyone?????


To clarify the question..I'm not asking when I should have sex with someone I'm dating. I'm asking what OTHER people do. How long you date before you make that decision...that kind of thing.

Sorry if I was unclear...I've been eating a LOT of chocolate covered coffee beans the brain is not functioning properly!
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