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As I am sure, most people have read or/and studied works by Shakespeare. Actually I do not know why I am posting, or thinking about Shakespeare at 3:19 am! LOL

1. What is your favourite play, and why?

Im a huge softy, so I would have to say Romeo and Juliet. Why? Because it is filled with lust, passion, romance, power and innocence.

I have just finished studying Macbeth. I enjoyed it, although I found it too violent, and morbid.

2. Are you glad that he existed? Do you think he has changed the world?

Sometimes I wish we did not have to study his texts at school. Yes, I love reading, and learning old english, but after a while I find it very tiring. But I think his work is very beautiful and inspiring. I don't think I can answer the 'do you think he has changed the world?' that is why I am asking. :)

3. Who is your favourite character/characters from his works?

I really like Romeo. I found Juliet too immature, niave, ignorant, for my liking. But Romeo, well there is something about him.

4. Who is your least favourite character/characters?

I hated Lady Macbeth. A manipulative witch!

5. Do you think that his texts are still relevant in our modern day?

Yes, because the themes are still relevant. We can connect with his work because it is what people experience in every day situations.

6. Do you have links to Shakespeare?

My relative owned some of shakespeare's manuscripts.

[Edit: I think shakespeare has a very good sense of humor! My class was in fits while reading the scene with the drunk porter in Macbeth! Hilarious!][Another Edit: My english teacher is so nuts on Macbeth that she made us dress up as characters and sit there and read...it was a very strange as we weren't that enthusiastic as her..we also had to voices..guh..-.- ]
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