Cid (lucidean) wrote in thequestionclub,

Just some random questions...

1. Would you ever go on a "panic diet", one where you just stop eating or cut out most food to lose weight extremely quickly?
1b. If you do do you worry about any health risks that could come about from these diets?

2. I want to create a survey, but I want it to be more indepth and give a more acurate view of the people I'm questioning than most online surveys. Is there a site I could go that could give me pointers for how to word the questions?

3. What's the one thing that people do that really gets on your nerves?

4. Would you consider yourself to have a strong stomach?

5. There is no question 5.

6. What's the one thing that could go wrong in your life that you would not be able to deal with?

7. Do you ever look through magazines that are meant for/aimed at the opposite sex?
7b. What's the most unexpected thing you've come across if you do?
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