Sarah (sarahsaturn) wrote in thequestionclub,

Most people believe in an afterlife, but most people are also against bigamy. So why do so many people get remarried after their spouse dies?

Why do so many "liberals" become conservatives? Why do people who were once openly gay and not ashamed of it suddenly claim to be the most hetero person ever, and refuse to acknowlege that they were/blame it on satan/whatever? Have you ever met any vegan who wanted to outlaw eating meat?

When the genocide started in germany, did they try to hide it at all, or were they like KILLING JEWS IS COOL YEEHAW? how the hell did hitler get anyone's vote? and, if they didnt try to hide it, why didnt the german people do something? somebody could've seen what a douche hitler was and assassinated him or something..?

My brother's 14th birthday is tomorrow. What should I get him?
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