vitaestiter (vitaestiter) wrote in thequestionclub,


My SO and I are thinking about moving into a new place. The new place is cheaper, but there are some downsides.
Current place: apt in a complex, decent sized 1 br, 2nd floor, lots of windows and light, nice but generic, far from school. Recently had the tires on my scooter slashed while parked overnight.
New place: basement apt in a house, similar size but kind of 'cave like', less windows and less light, less nice but vintage-y and kind of cute. Off street parking that's more private. A few blocks from school.

Let's assume with the new place we'll save about 200 a month betwen rent and lower utilities - saving money would be really helpful but there would be a few lost comforts. TQC, which would you prefer to live in?
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