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Alright, so I have a 19 year old sister, who honestly can take on the world, beat the crap out of it ,and still come out smelling like a Rose, which also happens to be her middle name Ironic, true but beside the point that I am trying to get across here,
anyway the path that she is choosing in life is greatly going to effect her for the rest of her life, I mean seriously in not talking small stuff, I am talking like prison stuff to be more clearer DRUGS and no not the just the USE but selling not hard crap just WEED but still, anyway she was recently arrested for this exact reason and she takes it so lightly.

I feel like Im the only one who gives a dam what happens to her, not my mom, or the grandmother who raised her, JUST ME and i feel like I shouldn't say or do anything, but that is not in my nature. I have to help but there is only so much I can do to help her; What I am asking for is whether I should just give up?, or keep trying?, even though she may hate me, I am willing to take that to protect her.
I know shes an adult now, and I can t really tell her what to do, but I cant just stand here and watch her Fall so far that I or anyone else cant REACH her! someone please help me figure out what I should DO?

I hope that this version helps better than the LAST i was HALF ASLEEP, and HALF AWAKE when I wrote it earlier, so I totally MISSED the PUNCTUATION. I HOPE THIS HELPS SORRY EVERYONE FOR THE RUN ON SENTENCE FROM HELL!!!
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