cestlavie (cestlavie_2010) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you ever had a professor require something that was totally ridiculous or unreasonable? What was it?


I just got back from driving my husband to the grocery store for an "off site" morning class. The professor didn't even show up, she had some TA there. The store is a 15 minute drive from campus, on a steep, busy road that's impossible to walk or bike on safely. Bus routes have been seriously cut in our city so your only real transportation choices are car (if you have one, which a lot of students don't), possibly getting a ride with someone for a Friday morning class when most people are working, or paying for a taxi.

The assignment is something that could've been done on your own time--going around on your own, no class interaction, and recording info on various products. But, you CAN'T miss the class because you have to turn in a 20 page print out that's a major grade, otherwise you don't get any credit. And she won't accept online submissions, so the only way to turn it in is to go to the store. On top of that, most people in the class (including my husband) have another class that starts 10 minutes after this one, which means a lot of people didn't finish the in-store assignment and/or were late to their next class. : /

DK/DC: Why can't I get the mother effin LJ cut to work?? ETA: Thank you cartoon_red!
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