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Ok, I need some help..

I gave my 16 year old neice a LJ code, and now she has her own journal. Now I've found out she's sexually active (has been for a year and a half *gasp*) and has a 21 year old boyfriend. Currently I'm the cool aunt and my husband (who she is directly related to) will go completely ballistic if he finds out about the boyfriend or the sex. I feel like I'm in a difficult position here. Should I say anything to her mom, who probably should know about the boyfriend, or keep being the cool aunt and try to help keep her out of trouble? I really want to ask her if she's on birth control and help her get some if she isn't, but I'm afraid she'll clam up on LJ if I do. If I offer to help her with birth control, then I'm saying it's ok to have sex, but at the same time I know whether I approve of it or not she'll still do it.
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