Cordelia Fiterre (cordelia_sue) wrote in thequestionclub,
Cordelia Fiterre

TQC, I'm real sick and can't do much other than watch movies and read (which puts me right to sleep and I'd rather sleep through the night, so I'm sticking with movies). There are lots of movies I haven't seen.

Recently I watched Love Actually and The Forbidden Kingdom, and I'll shortly be watching Crash, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Heathers (no, I've never seen it). What other movies should I watch over the next few days? Nothing too gory or militaristic, please. Pretty much anything else goes.

Some movies I've enjoyed include Delicatessen, House of Yes, The Pillowbook, Ridicule, Beautiful Dreamers, Kung Fu Hustle, The Lion in Winter, The Princess Bride, Spitfire Grill.
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