people are just people like you (tiimshel) wrote in thequestionclub,
people are just people like you

wat is this EVONY thing that keeps being advertised all over the internets (the ads are conveniently vague but do feature gratuitous amounts of cleavage)?

i am a freshman college student who lives on campus. i am thinking of transferring my second semester of my sophomore year, though at this point this is mere speculation. my experience living on campus has been somewhere between "ok" and "really not that great" - i have loved living on my own, i'm just not sure if i love doing it here. next year, should i stick it out and live on campus for at least one more semester (i know who i'm living with, i've been assigned a room, and i've already paid the $100 room deposit of which i don't know if there's a refund), or should i live at home with my parents and commute from there?
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