s0fts3rvej4zz (s0fts3rvej4zz) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you ever had your car towed?
Yes. I <3 AAA

Died on a back road. I think my fuel filter is clogged despite the tow truck driver saying it was "Definitely the  distributor" FFS! I know cars, and it's not, namely because I just FIXED that, and I know everything is getting spark.

Did it make it home?
No! He took it to the wrong place and then it FELL OFF the ramp when he was trying to reload it!!!! It's now at a station for repair estimates...the back is all smashed up and the glass in the hatch is gone because my sub&box went through it when it fell thru. :( :( I've already talked to insurance, but I'm pretty bummed. Its a 25 year old car and I've only seen like 2 in my area. I don't know where I'm going to find parts, finding a hood before took literally MONTHS.

EDIT: For those with no car...favorite cartoon show??
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