Cort (fluorescent_x) wrote in thequestionclub,

Alright, so I am obviously the most ungraceful person on the planet. How does one fall out of a van, DIRECTLY ONTO THEIR KNEE and onto pavement? All the details are under the cut, it's not long. I thought before getting into a search to try asking here.

Does this sound like something I should ask my doctor about, or what?

Is it really anything, or is it just that knee injuries take longer to heal completely?

[Edited because of my poor spelling skills]

So, about a month ago, or close a month... I made a stupid mistake and because of it I wound up falling out of a van and onto my knee. When I fell, all of my weight went onto that knee, and it hit pavement. With no cushioning, I honestly felt like huddling up in a corner and crying because it hurt so bad. I checked the injury and other than a couple of nasty skinned-up places and knowing that my entire knee was going to be a pretty shade of purple in the next couple days, it was fine.

Since then, the scabs have long gone and there are no longer any bruises, and there is definitely not /much/ pain anymore. The only times I really have problems is during the night when I have flop over on my sides a bunch, I often find that my knee is stiff and if I move it the wrong way, there are twinges of pain, and occasionally, it interfers with my sleep.

When I walk there were moments for a while that I couldn't go very fast, or I'd have to stop suddenly and go back home because the pain came rushing back. But I haven't had the problem for a couple weeks now. Just today as I was powerwalking through the back pasture, there were these really uncomfortable twinges that bothered me when I would lift my leg too high or walked too fast. I just came back inside from taking care of my horses and it's still bugging me.

I've already talked to my mom about this, and everytime my knee starts to annoy me, I tell her about it. She usually says just to take painkillers, sit and relax and that because I felt directly ON my knee, that it's gonna take a while to heal up.

Am I fretting over nothing? I find it more annoying than anything else, but it's hard to ignore when it does hurt.

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