basementape (basementape) wrote in thequestionclub,

Here we go

I admit beforehand that this might be a long shot.

Someone showed me a youtube video that was quite mindblowing that I haven't been able to find. A single musician was in the video and the video (but probably not the music) was recorded in one take. He starts out playing the spoons, and loops this sound throughout the song. He continues this process with other percussive instruments, his voice, and then musical instruments, playing one bar at a time and continuing to layer on top of the loops he'd already done, and by the end he was playing a really cool song essentially as a one-man-looping band. Dude had skills, but I can't remember the artist or song title so it's essentially hopeless.

Does anybody know what video I'm talking about?

EDIT: It is the exact same style as this mysteryguitarman video. It might be MGM but for the life of me I can't find the video using his name. I've tried Andrew Bird too. If anything I don't think it's MGM because MGM seems sillier and more fun and the video I'm thinking of is a little more serious, although MGM is pretty amazing too.

FOUND IT! Thanks guys. It was "Go to Hell" by David Ford

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