twerpology (twerpology) wrote in thequestionclub,

TCQ! I've lost absolutely all of my will to do any school work or do anything besides be a vegetable. How can I get myself motivated again? I have 2 weeks left of class and then finals, and I also have to do summer classes starting May 17th.

Is there any sort of haircut, make-up/hair color or something similar that makes you wish you were another race/ethnicity so you could pull it off?

I frequently wish I was black so I could pull off a relaxed afro or a really short textured hair cut.

EDIT: I don't really think I'm being offensive with the second question...I just mean to say different ethnicities have different kind of hair and coloring that would make certain cuts and colors look better on them, and I was wondering what you would like to pull off but can't because of how thin/thick your hair is, or your skin tone...
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