Captain Crotch Rot (attacking) wrote in thequestionclub,
Captain Crotch Rot

my boyfriend likes to lightly trace patterns on my back with his fingertips as we're falling asleep... but if he traces the same pattern in the same place for too long, my skin starts to hurt! like it will start to resemble an uncomfortable burning sensation/friction, no matter how light his touch is, until he starts tracing a different pattern or moves his fingers away. it's hard to describe, but I've always had that problem... I asked my boyfriend if it was weird, and he said yes.

so... do any of you know what I'm talking about? have any of you experienced what I'm describing?

and secondly, I want pasta for dinner... but we have no pasta sauce. SAD STORY. :( what delicious things would you guys put on pasta instead of tomato sauce?
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