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Good afternoon Questionaires.

Me and my beloved are thinking about adding another cat to our family. We already have a pure black female cat aged 1 year and ~2-3 months. I think she's a Bombay cat, because she looks exactly like them.

Anyway, she isn't very hostile or mean, but we are worried about how she'd react to another cat. Probably a kitten is what we would get, to raise it up and such. I have no problem getting an adult cat if the adult cat has that connection and feels right, but I would prefer to get a baby kitty that isn't quite set in it's ways yet.
Tabby(That's our cats name) used to spend a lot of time with my fiance's mothers dog, Nas. He isn't exactly LARGE but kind of big, but she spent about eight months of her life with him when I was living at home and my fiance lived at his mothers house.
They got along okay, but did get rough from time to time and although Nas NEVER hurt her, she did sometimes scratch him when he'd get in her face and bark. He was a gentle giant. They weren't exactly best friends but they tolerated each other.

We have our own place now, but a few months ago Tabby stayed with my betrothed's mom for a couple weeks when my parents passed away and we had to deal with the funeral stuff and didn't spend hardly anytime at home. They acted the same towards each other...

Anyhoo, my question is, I'm sure most of you have experience with adding more cats to your family, and I want to know is it difficult to get the others to like each other? Should I try to get a cat that is around Tabby's age? Or does it make a difference?
If they don't like each other, what did you do to get your cats to like each other?

And also, would it be best to let the new cat get the "feel" of the new house he/she's staying in before introducing the animals?
And also, does it make a difference which gender you adopt, or should you opt for the same sex? Or would opposite be better?
(Tabby's fixed, and the new cat will get fixed as well)

Thanks, and sorry it's a little lengthy. I just really want to consider everything before adding a new kitty.
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