Swing From My Uvula (monique_) wrote in thequestionclub,
Swing From My Uvula

I think I want bangs. I have curly hair that I am growing out from a bob/mushroom do. I like the idea of bangs but I'm not sure about on me, but I haven't had them since 2nd grade and my hair wasn't curly back then. I want my hair to have a more modern style, it's most always been one length. That being said I'm REALLY low maintenance and I'm a SAHM so I want something I can wash, put some product in and go. Not big on using styling tools. I'll use a diffuser or straightener a few times a year. Also I'm in Texas, super humid.

Pic from this morning (so you can see the length), after sleeping on my hair and the front was pulled back into a clip all day yesterday:

These are from Christmas so you can see how it looks when styled with a diffuser:

Lots of product in that last one!

And this is what it looks like straightened, although it was drizzling there so it was trying to curl again:

Should I get bangs or not?

Edit: So everyone is saying No Bangs!

New question: How old do I look?

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