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This is another question about me and my boyfriend finding an apartment. I'll go ahead and cut it for those who don't care.

We went to see an apartment locator today. He took us to see this one place, and we like it ok. They're within our price range, have everything we want, nice apartment, decent location. If we decide to sign within 24 hours, we'll get 50 bucks off the deposit. Plus they only have the one apartment available, so if we wait too long, someone else could take it.

But there's this other place that is just about the same price, similar is pretty much every way, but is in a better location and judging by the diagrams on the website, has a floorplan we like better. Unfortunately, they won't have an apartment ready to show us till May 8th.

It's tempting to go with the one we've already seen, because we know what we're getting into and it's alright, plus we get that discount if we sign tomorrow, but the other place could be better. Part of me wants to sign for the one we've seen, just to get the whole searching phase over, because it stresses me out, but I know I shouldn't rush into it. And for all we know, the place we haven't seen could be awful, but by the time we figure it out, this other nice place could have given the apartment to someone else.

I know I am probably making a big deal out of this and stressing out over nothing, but this is my first time doing this and it's a little scary. I keep worrying that we'll make a decision we regret. What would you do in my situation? Go ahead and sign for the apartment you've already seen, or wait for the other apartment that could be better to become available and see if you like it, knowing that it might mean we lose our first option?

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