..;;dreamer (emolicious1) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you had to restore your computer? How much of a pain in the ass was it? Did you have everything/anything backed up?

My harddrive was just replaced & a big thing that's giving me issues is itunes.
I have over 10,000 songs, but my ipod can't fit them all so I just had certain songs checked (I literally went through & unchecked songs I didn't want on there).
But when I add my entire library back to itunes, EVERYTHING'S going to be checked & thus synced.

Does anyone know if there's any way I can make it only keep the songs that are currently on my ipod checked? or will I need to spend hours of my life (that I don't have to spare) going through & individually unchecking songs again? ... I'm fairly certain it's the latter, but before I start I wanted to make sure =[

Oh, & I didn't have Windows 7 backed up (I downloaded it from Microsoft's student store last year & now the download link's expired & I thought I had it backed up). So now I'm stuck with terrible Vista again & idk what to do. I think I need to call Microsoft & somehow convince them that I'm not lying or something? Any advice?
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