Blue Moon (f) (bluemoon02) wrote in thequestionclub,
Blue Moon (f)

A slightly religious question here....But also one for any interior designers....Or particularly bored people

My parents are getting a new TV for their room...Which means I get their old one...But my room is very small, and the only available flat surface I can think to put it on is on top of my green chest.....but what currently resides there is my shrine...(It's a Hindu shrine...I'm not a strange obsessive person or anything!)

So, here are my options....The TV is going there and Ganesh, Buddha, Lakshme and their lil buddies are definitely having a change of residence....But do they move:

a) onto the floor, where I'll tread on them ad hurt my feet
b) or onto my other chest, which is under my vanity....So they won't be seen a heckuva lot of the time
c) or do I get up off my lazy arse and clear off the top shelf of my bookshelf, which has a loada crap on it???
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