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In need of some serious advice

I am ALL mixed up.

I'm a third-year psychology major. So far I have been thinking of going into clinical psychology because I am interested in mental illness and people with psychological problems. However, professors told me that I would need to get into graduate school for that, and it's impossible to get in without at least a year of experience. I just started training to be a telephone counselor at a nearby counseling center. I've attended four three-hour sessions and one "shadow shift" of four hours, where I listened in on someone else taking calls.

After the first training session I felt that it really clicked for me, but since then I have really started thinking about whether I want to spend so much time and money learning to do this for a living, and whether I can stand to immerse myself in people's problems day after day, year after year. I have always been kind of prone to depression personally and I think this might make that problem worse for me. I feel that I would be using myself up doing this job and that it would be more ... work than fun. I'm really having serious doubts about whether I /want/ to do this badly enough.

On top of this, my friends and family have expressed their doubt about whether this is the right thing for me to do since I started taking psych classes, and I have been doubtful myself. I have liked each new training session less than the one before. We have a seven-hour session coming up on Saturday and I am really not that excited about attending.

What do I do? Is psychology the major for me? Before I left high school I thought I would be an English major. I have always loved to read but I haven't had as much time lately since it isn't required for most of my classes, although I still read in my free time when I can. I used to write all the time too but I gave that up because I figured there were so many people better than me it was no point and because I figured there was no money in it.

It's the end of my third year and I'm done with all my GE classes. Is there still time for me to become an English major? What can I do with this degree besides teach? What would you do in my position?

tl;dr -- do what you're good at or what will make you money?

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