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Am I craaaaazy?

Non-serious, let's-see-what-you-think question.

Things tend to go "missing" around my apartment. Flashlights, keys, my change purse. They go missing from open spaces where I know I'd left them. I tear the room apart, give up, come back a few hours later and - wait for it - the damn thing is right where I thought I'd left it.

Example: I set my change purse on my coffee table yesterday, on top of a textbook. I went upstairs to shower, came back down, and the change purse was MIA. No one else was home - just me and the cats. I tore the living room apart, then moved to the kitchen, bathrooms, my bedroom, etc. Both front doors were locked from inside, windows shut and locked. The damn thing was gone. I went to bed, woke up a few hours later, came downstairs, and the change purse was sitting next to the book. Not where I'd left it, but close - and it hadn't been there before. My coffee table is brown wood and the change purse is sequined and shiny - there's no way it was there and I just didn't see it. Furthermore, I'd taken everything off the table and moved it to the floor to sort through it, and had put everything back on the table. I'd put the book on the other side of the table - so that the wallet was next to the book is itself strange, because while I'd left it on the book, I'd moved the book.

This happens at least once a week, and whatever's gone missing is always where I thought I left it. I've even gone so far as to take photos of, say, a kitchen table where I'd last seen my keys. When the keys are back, I've looked at the photo - no keys.

I have no explanation for this. Out of curiosity, what's your take on it (serious and non-serious, of course!)? Elves? Cats? DID? Me just being stupid? I'd be inclined to believe I'd finally snapped and developed a second personality, one that delights in stealing things and returning them just to mess with me, but when I leave the scene be for a while, I don't ever "lose" time. Personally, I doubt it's the cats: they're smart little buggers, but putting the Thing back where I left it is a little too smart, even for them.
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