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Way back in January, a friend of mine from college proposed us getting an apartment together, as I currently commute to school and living on campus was way too expensive for her. I told her I could only do it if it was a closer commute to school than my current one and if it isn't too expensive. Any sort of apartment would be more than i am paying now, since I live with my parents and basically just cover my personal expenses and my groceries. She said cool, she had a back up plan in the form of another group of friends she knew that were getting an apartment.

Then, in February, I discovered I would have to take classes in the summer because my academic adviser completely neglected to tell me about some prereqs I had to take in order to progress any further with my major next fall. SO, I now have to take classes in the summer, which hugely depletes my finances. The school, apologizing for the fuck up, has agreed to help me pay, but considering how bureaucratic my school is and how many hoops I have to jump through for this to work out I am not convinced they'll be a significant help. I honestly really think the thought of an apartment is impossible, but I cannot say 100% until they let me know the deal. I told her this in February when it happened, as she was one of the first people I bitched to about the shitty situation I'm in.

In late March I discovered that my friend has been telling everybody we'll be moving in together, and she's basically straight told me things like, "when we get our apartment..." I told/reminded her it pretty much entirely depends on what the school gives me, as my finances will completely be spent with this summer thing. She then said something like, "But I can't afford an apartment on my own and then where will I LIVE?" Immediately I felt like I total bitch only I am very sure I told her it wasn't definite twice for two separate reasons. I was considering just sucking it up and doing it, but I realized pretty quickly that is financially stupid and my parents would flip out on me for such stupidity. That little incident was like 2 1/2 weeks ago now, and since then i have been asking around to see if I could find roommates for her and also looking into the website the school has up for finding roommates. I have been meaning to email her repeating my situation and offering these resources, but last week I completely spaced on it due to a midterm and I've also just been avoiding it, feeling tremendously guilty and like this will end badly. Today, however, I posted my Fall Schedule on facebook and she commented me saying, "Oh good! You can wake me up for my classes right before you leave for yours!" Totally reminding me I need to do this NOW because it is getting out of hand. I thought after I reminded her of the situation in March she would stop assuming, but APPARENTLY NOT, so I feel like i must do this before she finds herself with an apartment she can't afford.

So what do you think is the best way to do this? I don't see her in school often unless we make plans to meet up. Should I email her (which would be convenient because I am a wimp when it comes to disappointing people and it will also let me link her to info without me awkwardly handing her fliers) or would meeting with her over lunch take the sting off the awkwardness/disappointment? To be aware of the time frame she doesn't have an actual apartment she's interested in yet, she's just been looking at prices and being uber excited about rooming with me. (<---another reason for my reluctance)

DK/DC: Can you share some awful roommate stories with me?
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