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I need advice, please.

I currently drive a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. After my SO taking a look at my car, I just found out that my clutch needs to be replaced, which would cost $500-$1000.
My SO has an early 1990's Jeep Wrangler that he doesn't drive and offered to give me it for free. I'd just have to pay to get the title transferred to my name, which would only cost $22. It's been inspected this year, so that's not an issue. The Jeep sits in his garage, but he does work on it so it's kept well and there aren't any issues with it. I have two choices as far as I'm aware. So, what should I do, TQC?
Other relevant information: I haven't had any issues with the Jetta previously, and bought it for $2500. I do not have the money to replace my clutch now, and I don't foresee having it any time soon. Jeep gets 14-17 MPG city and 17-18 MPG highway as opposed to my car getting probably 18-21 MPG city and 23-29 MPG highway. However, the farthest I drive on a regular (weekly) basis is ~18 miles to my friend's house.. any other driving I do is much closer, and I don't drive around much anyway. My insurance would be about the same on both cars. If I went with the first option, it might possibly give me more time to try to come up with some money to replace the clutch, but I really have no idea how much longer it'd last.

What should I do?

Keep my car until the clutch completely burns out, then figure out what to do
Take the Jeep
Some other option I haven't thought of and you'll tell me about in the comments

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