The Coconut Scholar (coconut_theory) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Coconut Scholar

On Monday, I posted a personals ad to Craigslist for lulz (and believe me, there were lulz). However, since then (and after weeding out the obvious LOL NO replies), I've been corresponding with a few seemingly cool guys.

What are the odds that they are crazies in disguise?

Do you use Craigslist? What types of things do you use it for?

I love CL. Through it, I found a part-time job, an apartment, a microwave, a good friend...maybe I'll find ~love~! (but probably not)

ETA: Sorry guys, but I don't want to post these poor fellows' responses to the internet at large. However, if you are desperately seeking lulz, just check out the personals ads for your local area. Or you can check out Atlanta, which is my local area. The folks in the ATL take bad personal ads to a whole new level.
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