btchen_b (btchen_b) wrote in thequestionclub,

What should I do? Stay or go?

So I have the opportunity to go to Yale this weekend for a Global Health Conference. It would be great fun and I would definitely learn a lot., however, I have 2 papers due next week and finals is around the corner and quizzes like no other this week and next. If I go, basically I will definitely screw my grades and that sucks a lot. There's always next year for sure, but I already paid for the conference so I'm stuck with a pass. Oh and on top of that, I still need to buy airfare and lodging costs. Argh!

Should I say F it all and just go, or be a good premed student and do what I have to do?

What opportunities that came your way that you feel you have to sacrifice for the good of humanity? LOL...


I checked out the airfare. I am looking at spending about over $500 if I leave on Friday night (my last class is at 6 pm and I am available only after that). If I leave @ Sat 7 AM, cheapest airfare is about $205 but I will miss half a day of Saturday seminars. I can bunk with some attendees, too. I'm looking at extra give or take $100-150 for lodging costs. I can definitely do homework in between lectures and at night which I plan to do anyway. Knowing how much this will all cost, did this change your opinion?
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