Teacup Pig (phantom_llama) wrote in thequestionclub,
Teacup Pig

Hey, look...it's a rednecky question!!

(This is relating to the truck that I just inherited from my late grandfather.)

I need to add some extra carrying capacity to my little truck, so I come to y'all for opinions. Here are my options:

1) Leave the camper shell on it that my grandfather put on years ago. Pros: free, lockable, and doesn't hurt the capacity TOO badly (just can't put anything really tall in there. Cons: ugly, scratched all to hell...and I don't like it.
2) Put on a tool box. Pro: lockable, looks good, and leaves half the capacity. Cons: Only offers a few more cubic feet of cargo space, and takes away half of the capacity.
3) Tonneau cover (soft). Pro: allows me to cover the ENTIRE bed in inclement weather, and I maintain all of my capacity once I roll it up. Cons: not lockable, looks kinda silly (IMO), and must be removed/rolled before I can put anything taller than the sidewall in the bed.
4) Be a cheap bastard, don't put anything on it, and just hope that all my stuff doesn't get wet/stolen.

Background: it's a standard cab GMC Sonoma, so there is NO room for bags, suitcases, etc in the cab. So if it's raining, I need something I can put these things in. So it's pretty much down to two options: lots of space, but unlockable (tonneau cover) or just a little bit of space, but lockable (tool box).

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