Sasha (bender_927) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I was looking through fakefreedom's thread and it appears there's some interracial humping going on in TQC. I've found myself intrigued:

1. Have you been in an interracial relationship? (I won't lie, I'm more interested in ones that are obviously interracial. If you're welsh and dated someone irish, whoopdifreakin'do, y'know?)

2. Have you ever had any weird experiences because of it (ie people staring, making comments, treating you differently)?

Serious and honest (not necessarily politically correct) answers are encouraged. tl;dr's will not be frowned upon because I'm really interested in what y'all have to say about this.

1. I definitely have because I'm Jamaican but have been hot for white guys as long as I can remember. It's not mandatory and I have been interested in / attracted to men of all different races but as far as preferences go... I tend to like 'em pasty. :P

2. Eh. People generally just get confused as if there's a real mystery behind any black woman liking white men. I've had some black guys get angry and call me racist which is always good for a laugh. At one point, I lived with my former best friend and her phychotic, would-be pimp boyfriend who made interesting comments. At one point he asked me "Do you still miss white boy?" and I was like, "Wtf. He has a name and I'm pretty sure you know it's Daniel. He calls you Rahim, not "that black & latin guy". I came home one morning from spending the night at a white co-workers house that I happened to be interested in and he ends up having her tell me that I have three days to find somewhere else to live. I'm pretty sure he hated the fact that I would prefer any man - especially a white one - over him. ALSO, my ex-fiance is hella british and was in a restaurant with a friend talking about me. He mentioned that I'm Jamaican and someone seriously took the time out of their day to call him a racist. I lol'd so hard when he told me.

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