* (topf) wrote in thequestionclub,

Psychologically unstable friend: help!


My bf's best friend is having a lot of trouble. He seems to have a lot of trouble he can barely speak of and has moments when he shakes without being able to control it. He seems psychologically very unstable and my bf is worried about him. He (my bf) called his mother to make her aware of his state (she lives in another town) and he tries to check up on him all day, and has told him that they should go together to the doctor on monday. The way things are going, it seems he will need to be sent to a clinic and stay there a while.

so, dear people of TQC, how can we help this guy out?
How can I support my bf through his best friend going through this?
How can we protect and help him? We were scared last night thinking he might, you know, kill himself or something but he wanted to be alone, so we had to leave him alone. His gf's even visiting and he doesnt want to talk about it with her. He barely could tell my bf, and like I said, they're best friends.

Any other advice or similar experiences would help!

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