Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in thequestionclub,

So the husband has been on unemployment for about a year. He works part time at McD's to bring in extra cash. He filed for his first extension back in February. Well his douche boss at McD's told the UE office that the husband put his availability as weekends only.

The husband had a phone interview with a guy from the UE office and the husband explained that it was a misunderstanding blah blah blah he can work more, but they were only working him 8 hours a week anyway etc. UE guy says your story makes total sense, give me your worksheets from Feb 21 - March 20 and we'll call it a day.

Well he got a letter in the mail today saying Oh hai, ur fucked. We're supposed to repay $1,000 in benefits.

So he's filing an appeal because he has proof that he job hunted during those . How does that shit work? (He's there right now sorting it all out, but I'm impatient)

If you're on unemployment (or have ever been on it) have you ever filed an appeal? Or know someone who has?

Kicker is, guy says he's still eligible for unemployment. From what I'm reading, they'll just take his payments for the next 3 weeks to payback what he owes...but we're filing an will they still give him his monies until this shit is straightened out?

*rage* I'll be so happy when he starts his new job in 3 weeks and we don't have to deal with this shit anymore.

dk/dc: Can you post some awesome macros or gifs to cheer me up? (Safe for work, obviously)

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