Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in thequestionclub,

RDS From The Gate

Okay, this is a long shot, but I thought I'd ask.
There's a radio broadcast called "RDS: The Gate" or something like that. This guy tells a bunch of creepy paranormal stories with classical music in the background. They play it on WBCQ sometimes, but I'm thinking there should be some place where you can download an archive.
The ones I have are one where he tells a story about a train that wrecks into a UFO, and a Halloween broadcast where he talks about the curse of Allister Crowley.
I'd like to hear more from this program, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
My friend tells me the narrator is Ringo D Starr, but I have no idea if he knows what he's talking about.
Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? These are really good programs.
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