stacey (groovyraspberry) wrote in thequestionclub,

My friend is in a situation.

She had a baby with a loser, who wanted no part in the child's life. The eight times he has seen the kid within four years, he has physically lost her three of those times. Two years ago, he had the option to seek custody of their daughter, and he didn't bother, thereby forfeiting his rights. Now, he's trying to seek full custody (out of no where.) Also, he is trying to get any type of visitation that he can get. The parents don't get along -- he has made death threats, harassing and verbally abusive phone calls and texts (which are saved.) She is worried for the well-being and safety of her child, especially since he is involved with drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

Now, what can she legally do to keep him away from her family, and more importantly, her daughter, for good?

ETA: He's been in rehab twice for drugs, which should be on record. He has been in two car wrecks, because of drugs... also on record. She isn't sure about a restraining order, because she wants something absolutely permanent. Is one? I have never filed one, nor she, never even known someone who has...

Thanks for any help.
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