Liv (0livia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey TQC,

Short version: Is it safe to go back on The Pill one month before my scheduled laparoscopic (aka: minimally invasive) gallbladder removal surgery?

Long version:

So I decided to go back on The Pill (Edit: "Yaz", FWIW) this month (been off it for a few years now).

The complication: I'm having laparoscopic (aka: minimally invasive) gallbladder removal surgery in the first week of May.

I wanted to make sure that going back on The Pill one month before my surgery wouldn't have any negative impact on said surgery, so yesterday I consulted Google and I called and left messages with my family doctor, surgeon, and naturopath.

The problem: I got my period today (four days earlier than expected), so now I need to decide today whether or not to start taking The Pill, and none of my three doctors have gotten back to me yet.

My boyfriend of one month (been friends for over a year) says condoms are uber painful for him to the point where he can't keep the sails up with one on, so not starting on The Pill today means waiting until June for sexy time. :(

The most concrete information I have:

1) Most of the Google results I found said that women are advised to go off The Pill before surgery because it increases the risk of blood clots during the surgery.

2) The receptionist who took down my message for the surgeon mentioned that she books gallbladder removal surgeries every day and they never ask anyone to go off The Pill before that kind of surgery, so she's sure my surgeon will reply that it's fine to go on The Pill now.

Does anyone have any at least pseudo-credible information on this they can share?

If there are any doctors/nurses/fellow gallstone sufferers who had their gallbladders removed while on The Pill in the TQC community, your advice will instantly be more credible than the advice I have so far to base my decision on (Google's and a receptionist's).

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