June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, will I have my trig test tomorrow? For weeks my prof has been saying it will be "probably in the middle of this week", and there is no school Friday. However my prof has been out sick for 3 class periods now. We haven't heard anything about the test since the beginning of last week and our sub doesn't know anything about the test at all. We haven't gotten a review nor an outline of what will be on the test (and we usually do). What do you think? Other students in the class and I have been pretending that the test is tomorrow but we don't even know what will be on it.

You find out that a Matrix-like technology has been developed where you can implant knowledge and skills directly into your brain, immediately mastering said knowledge. Thankfully you don't need to be surgically altered to receive it. They just use electrodes. You can only pick one skill or set of knowledge to learn. What do you pick? On the other hand, if you get yourself a big hole with metal in it implanted in the back of your head, you can learn unlimited skill sets. Would you choose to have this done if the option were available?
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