KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

Flapover pants?

So around 1990 or so there was a brief trend of these baggy pants that had "wings" or flaps on each side along the upper leg, and the flaps would cross over and button in the front. I cannot find much at all via Google about them, but I did find some references to Z Cavaricci pants, and one picture of the style (here).

I begged for a pair of them, which I got, in light blue denim. I think it had an elastic waist and no fly, and pockets sort of built into the sides of. I'm sure it was some knockoff brand but I felt like the coolest most trendy pre-teen in my little town, and I wore them out everywhere I could. In retrospect, they were the most bizarre, bulky, and pointless pants.

Anyway I was talking to my friends about them and nobody seems to remember these insane pants! What was this style called, officially? What brands made these pants other than Z Cavaricci? And most importantly can anybody find me any more pictures of them? Thanks in advance!
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