phantasmm (phantasmm) wrote in thequestionclub,

tough luck

so i was never really a guy-magnet. but i've always received some sort of attention from someone at certain points in my life.
when i was at community college, for instance, i had 3 guys hit on me constantly one who even had a girlfriend. not that i encouraged such a thing, in retrospect it was flattering.

now however, for the past two years i'm having the toughest luck with guys. a. i do not encounter any. i'm an english major so most people around me are female and those who are male show no interest in me at all. almost all of my friends are girls and the occasional guys i come in contact with are gay. b. when i do encounter boys at bars and parties i do not get any attention. wtf am i doing wrong? is it the braces? lol
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