iwhisperwolf (iwhisperwolf) wrote in thequestionclub,

OK... Question after long winded LJ drama rant.

I would never think to bring something like this here, but I'm pissed & I need confirmation...


Ok... Pretend you make a comment about love on a public community.
Someone see's that comment and messages you telling you they see things the same way & they want to know more.

You go about your day, commenting on the community, oblivious that you have any messages at all... Then...
The next time you check your inbox that night, you find a message from them that claims they're angry because you're ignoring them. (what?) They actually seem jealous of the LJ community you were posting to instead of writing to them.
Perplexed at how you can ignore someone you've just met after only a couple interactions on the internet,
You apologize anyway and explain that you simply didn't know anything about them because their profile is blank. Thus couldn't gauge what kind of reaction was warranted or even appropriate.

After finding out a little bit more about that person, You decide to be perfectly honest & open up to that person about how you feel about love. Why not? They seem ok.
So you show them personal things, & write out an explanation of your thoughts on the matter. A mutual interest is implied but not spoken.

A couple days pass, you answer every note they send you. You're never anything but civil, you post them a song when you think they're down, you respond to a couple of their community comments & otherwise think you're getting to know them.

Once again, the ignoring thing comes up, this time with the added bonus that you're not reciprocating this persons feelings. (feelings that were supposed to materialize instantly, over the net, from a handful of conversations.)
This person explains about the effort they have made to get to know you that hasn't been returned (All this in a total of about 7 interactions in under the span of about a week.)

You write back, saying exactly that, that you don't know what they want from you. That you've answered everything they asked, that you've known them less than a week, you mention that you think they're being immature and that it's unfair of them to expect you to act like a suitor, when you barely know each other.

After this, common ground is met and things get relatively normal again... 

Then a few more days later, and you commit the "crime" of commenting on a long time friends comment on one of your entries BEFORE theirs... And BOOM. Out of the blue you're the devil.
They blame you for being deceptive. About lying about the original love topic.
They blame you for not being psychic, and I quote... "WISE ENOUGH TO SEE THE UNDERLYING INTENT/FEELINGS BEHIND MY WORDS"
For again, not getting back to them on THEIR schedule. What they perceive as fast enough for someone interested in them. (Even though a framework FOR friendship hadn't even been built yet, let alone any actual interest.)
In addition to not knowing enough about you to expect further interest, they now think they know enough to hate you.
This person then goes on to patronizingly insult your integrity.
Insults your personal life, by bringing up a recent and painful event involving your ex, despite the fact that they have no clue how that went down. They don't actually KNOW anything about you at all.
Finishes it off with a petty stab at the way you write.
And then unfriends you so you can't respond.

...All this... Just to punish you because you didn't throw your heart at them through the internet in a 2 week timespan based on a mutual appreciation for the concept of love and a handful of LJ messages.

This whole thing has me going "WTF?!"

So... My question is... Is there any logic to what that person is saying, here?
Am I just an oblivious asshole, or am I at all correct in thinking said person is batshit insane?


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