Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, who out there has a MythWear bag? especially one that's the silvery fabric? Is there a care tag inside? mine's gotten dirty but I don't know if there are special instructions for the silver fabric, since *water* sometimes makes it look dirty... or for the embroidery, since, yanno, it's embroidery.
I was going to ask for a new one for christmas, but they seem to not make mine anymore.... and their website is kindof a disaster. but it's such a good bag.

Have you ever had these?
It says 30-50 eggs, but how many hatch?

Imagine a machine with two gallonish rectangle water reservoirs on top of eachother. Top one needs to drain into the bottom one, but the top one also needs to be removeable- something you can take out, fill with water, and replace.
The original plans had a pipe running from a bottom corner of the top tank to the top of the bottom tank, with a handle to be turned to open and close the pipe.... but, this means that there's a hole in the bottom of the top tank(which doesn't work for filling it)... and when you put the top tank back in, you have to line up the holes just right or else water will spill all over the compartment bay and make a mess... or worse, get inside the machine and fuck it up.

option a, put in a pump with a flexible hose in such a way that the hose hangs from the top to the bottom, sucking the water up and then letting it fall to the bottom tank (hose must be flexible enough to fall back into the reservoir once someone's pushed it in)

or option b... what?
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