Hannu (200222222200200) wrote in thequestionclub,

Im kinda in a debate at the moment about earth hour, it's a pretty cool idea. For an hour everyone in the country turns of their power. Okay so there is only like 4.5 million people here but you have to take the tiny steps before you leasp right?
But apparently this will have no effect on people/earth. I think it does because it teaches people just how easy it is to make steps towards earth not being in such a bad condition.
But the people i am talking with just think its stupid and the earth/people arent going to benifit out of anything. I know its people opinions and such but i still think its a very important issue
But it IS attitudes like that, that stop things from happening [as far as saving the planet goes.]
So TQC, do you think earth hour is a stupid idea and we should just stop doing it?
What are your opinions on the matter??

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