kayleighlbean (kayleighlbean) wrote in thequestionclub,

So a while back I accidentally backed into my parent's neighbor's babysitter's car. I did the right thing and went to her and told her what happened and offered to pay for it out of pocket if she didn't want to go to the insurance company (first mistake). She agreed to let me do monthly payments to pay off the damage. She has been horrible to work with. First, she refused to get a second estimate for the car, saying she was too old to drive all over town(bullshit!). So I peddled the estimate she gave me around to several mechanics, asking them if the prices were fair and such. After settling on a mechanic, I told her I would prefer to be there when she picked up the car so I could get a copy of the receipt. She never called me. I told her she needed to bring the receipt before I gave her the first payment. She didn't. I gave her 200 dollars anyway and in a friendly way reminded her to bring the receipt by my parent's house when she worked next. I called her up last night telling her I couldn't give her anything else until she gave me a receipt. She claims she already gave me a copy and threw the original away. She also claims all it said was the price. She thinks I need to call the mechanic shop and get the receipt if I want it. I say, 'Bullshit. If you want money, give me a receipt, I've done enough leg work for you.'

I'm smelling a rat biiiiig time, I think she had her mechanic son do all the work for none of the cost and is milking me for what she can before I figure out what's going on.

My parents have requested that I solve this civilly since she works for their neighbors, but if she's lying to me I want to bring her up on criminal and civil charges. I want my money back and I have proof that I paid her for the car.

What do you think, is she just a lazy old bat or is she trying to steal from me?

If she is trying to steal from me, would you bring her up on criminal charges or would you let it go for the sake of neighborly peace?
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