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Ok, put your thinking caps on, kids.

Ok, so there are two brothers ages 7 and 3. The eldest has leukemia and has some restrictions on his activities. He has a lack of energy at times and should really have things that can be kept germ free.

With that in mind... what kind of toys or activities can I *make* for these kids? I would like to craft something for them but I'm having a hard time thinking of things that I could either make, or make a kit for them to make that would be fun, stationary, AND easily washable.

Their relative says that they have "painted, and drawn pictures which are embellished with glitter, sequins and anything else I have on hand. We do millions of puzzles. We have made collages, and lot's of thank you cards, and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). We made sun cathers out of CD's, and decorated/decopaged Altoid tins." so those things are old hat to them.

I was thinking of getting them some shrinky-dinks to decorate (I'm hoping that the boy is still staying at home and not in a hospital, otherwise he won't be able to see the fruits of his labor so fast). Other than that I'm out of ideas.

This isn't something that I have to do for them. I don't even know them. But the situation hits close to home and I'd love to be able to give these kids something FUN to do when they're surrounded by so much hardship..

I'd appreciate ANY input. Even something to get the ideas flowing... *sigh* This is proving to be very difficult!
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